Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How to Get Free Coupons From Companies

This is a guest post provided by Elizabeth C. You can find more of her work over here at find cash back cards, a cash back / rewards site helping you save money on everyday purchases!

Gathering up coupons is a great way to save on your everyday purchase, and no matter where I shop, I look for coupons by following the strategies listed below.  I will assure you now that if you follow them, you should be able to find coupons almost nine times out of ten.

#1 Write to the actual company – Sending mail the old fashioned way isn’t done by most, but what you will find out is that it works great!  Since many companies get emails, your email will generally be overlooked.  Instead of sending an email, send them a letter telling them how much you like their product, asking for coupons to save on a future purchase. This usually works very well.

#2 Join them on social media – Just about every company out there today has a Facebook, Twitter account and more.  Since having an account with these websites are free, what you will want to do is join their fan page, follow them on Twitter and more.  By doing so, you’re going to be able to get coupons just for joining, as well as stay in the loop with future offerings.

#3 Join their email newsletter – Just like Facebook, most companies have an email newsletter that you can sign up with.  Most will require that you just put in your email.  Just like the social media, they will send out coupons and offers right to your email.  This is a great way to have the deals come straight to you.

#4 Browse the company site – On many company website, you can look for promotion, as well as coupon tabs.  On these tabs, they will have updated coupons all the time.  Companies that are known for having tabs like this are some such as Proctor and Gamble, and more.

#5 Just do a search – The last thing that I would recommend is that you just do a simple search online.  If you want a particular brand, just search via your favorite search engine.  The kicker here is that you will want to make sure that you use the most recent results option, so that you’re getting the freshest results that won’t show any expired deals.

Generally if you follow these steps, you’re going to find a coupon 90% of the time.  Keep in mind that there will be times when you won’t find anything, and that’s okay.  As long as you at least try, you will find that you can at least say you did!


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